The Philadelphia Experiment (2012) [BluRay] [720p] [YTS.AM]

The Philadelphia Experiment (2012)
IMDB Rating: 4.1/10
Genre: Action / Adventure / Mystery / Sci-Fi / Thriller
Size: 770.72 MB
Runtime: 1hr 29 min

In ‘The Philadelphia Experiment’, a secret government research project tries reviving the World War II “Philadelphia Experiment,” which was an attempt to create a cloaking device to render warships invisible. When the experiment succeeds, it brings back the original ship (the Eldridge) that disappeared during the first test in 1943 – which brings death and destruction to the 21st century. It’s up to the sole survivor (Lea) of the first experiment and his granddaughter (Ullerup) to stop it.

Porco Rosso (1992) [BluRay] [720p] [YTS.AM]

Porco Rosso (1992)
IMDB Rating: 7.8/10
Genre: Adventure / Animation / Comedy / Fantasy / Romance
Size: 786.36 MB
Runtime: 1hr 34 min

In Early 1930’s era Italy air pirates, bounty hunters and high fliers of all sorts rule the skies. The most cunning and skilled of these pilots is Porco Rosso. A former Ace, he now makes a living flying contract jobs, such as rescuing those kidnapped by air pirates. Donald Curtis, Porco’s rival in the air and in catching the affections of women, provides a constant challenge to the hero, culminating in a hilarious, action packed finale.

Castle in the Sky (1986) [BluRay] [720p] [YTS.AM]

Castle in the Sky (1986)
IMDB Rating: 8.1/10
Genre: Adventure / Animation / Drama / Fantasy / Sci-Fi
Size: 1.02 GB
Runtime: 2hr 5 min

A young boy stumbles into a mysterious girl who floats down from the sky. The girl, Sheeta, was chased by pirates, army and government secret agents. In saving her life, they begin a high flying adventure that goes through all sorts of flying machines, eventually searching for Sheeta’s identity in a floating castle of a lost civilization.

Red Scorpion (1988) [BluRay] [720p] [YTS.AM]

Red Scorpion (1988)
IMDB Rating: 5.1/10
Genre: Action / Adventure
Size: 916.61 MB
Runtime: 1hr 45 min

Hesitating in the moment he is about to kill the rebel leader, Nikolai fails and is captured. Rather than being killed outright, he is forced to undergo a shamanic initiation ritual. The ingestion of the poison of a local scorpion, and his initiation ceremony, including scarification (a scorpion), give him a new identity and role in the world — the Red Scorpion.

The Secret of Moonacre (2008) [BluRay] [720p] [YTS.AM]

The Secret of Moonacre (2008)
IMDB Rating: 6.2/10
Genre: Adventure / Family / Fantasy / Romance
Size: 887.2 MB
Runtime: 1hr 43 min

A 13-year-old girl (played by The Golden Compass’ Dakota Blue Richards) discovers that she is the only hope for banishing an ancient curse from a magical kingdom in director Gabor Csupo’s adaptation of author Elizabeth Goudge’s 1946 children’s book The Little White Horse.

Tarzan's Three Challenges (1963) [BluRay] [720p] [YTS.AM]

Tarzan's Three Challenges (1963)
IMDB Rating: 5.9/10
Genre: Action / Adventure
Size: 818.56 MB
Runtime: 1hr 32 min

The spiritual leader of an oriental country is dying. The leader’s evil brother Khan is plotting to prevent Kashi, the youthful heir, from assuming his rightful position. Tarzan is summoned to protect Kashi and, in doing so, he must face Khan in three tests of strength. The final test is a sword fight which takes place on a wide-mesh net stretched over cauldrons of boiling oil. Jeweled elephants lead grand processions, and a thousand girls perform the “dance of the candles”. A baby elephant named Hungry replaces Cheetah in the humor role.

The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc (1999) [BluRay] [720p] [YTS.AM]

The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc (1999)
IMDB Rating: 6.4/10
Genre: Adventure / Biography / Drama / History / War
Size: 1.31 GB
Runtime: 2hr 38 min

1429. While the war between France and England (the Hundred Years War) appeared settled in 1420, in England’s favour, the death of King Henry V of England reignites it. England occupies large areas of France and appears set to take the whole of it. Into this moment of crisis rides legendary Joan of Arc, a teenage girl who claims to be lead by divine visions.

Triple Frontier (2019) [WEBRip] [720p] [YTS.AM]

Triple Frontier (2019)
IMDB Rating: 8.7/10
Genre: Action / Adventure / Crime / Drama / Thriller
Size: 1.06 GB
Runtime: 2hr 5 min

Five former Special Forces operatives reunite to plan a heist in a sparsely populated multi-border zone of South America. For the first time in their prestigious careers these unsung heroes undertake this dangerous mission for self instead of country. But when events take an unexpected turn and threaten to spiral out of control, their skills, their loyalties and their morals are pushed to a breaking point in an epic battle for survival.