Escape from Zahrain (1962) [BluRay] [720p] [YTS.AM]

Escape from Zahrain (1962)
IMDB Rating: 6.1/10
Genre: Action / Adventure / Drama
Size: 767.02 MB
Runtime: 1hr 33 min

During the 1960s, in a fictitious strife-ridden Arab nation, captured revolutionary nationalist leader Sharif is being transported to a prison for execution. The police van transporting him to the prison is attacked by Sharif’s fanatical followers. Ahmed, the leader of the students’ revolt frees Sharif along with three other prisoners. Among them is Huston, an American who has embezzled money from the Zahrain Oil Company. The fugitives capture an ambulance and its nurse, Laila. They flee from the city toward the border but during their trek across the desert, the convict Hassan is killed in a police ambush. A romance starts between Ahmed, the student leader and Laila, the ambulance nurse. Unfortunately, Ahmed is later killed by a government strafing fighter plane. Later, Tahar, another convict, is also killed.The three lone survivors are Laila, Sharif and Huston. Will they reach their destination?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990) [BluRay] [720p] [YTS.AM]

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990)
IMDB Rating: 6.8/10
Genre: Action / Adventure / Comedy / Family / Sci-Fi
Size: 806.11 MB
Runtime: 1hr 33 min

Through contact with a mysterious substance, called Ooze, 4 little turtles in the canalization of New York mutate to giant turtles. They can speak, walk upright and love pizza. The wise rat Splinter becomes their mentor and educates them to Ninja fighters. Their arch-enemy is the bad, bad guy Shredder, who struggles to gain power over the world. Of course the ninja turtles will do everything to stop him.

Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas (2011) [BluRay] [720p] [YTS.AM]

Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas (2011)
IMDB Rating: 6.5/10
Genre: Action / Adventure / Animation / Comedy / Family / Fantasy
Size: 218 MB
Runtime: 12hr 26 min

When Sid accidentally destroys Manny’s heirloom Christmas rock and ends up on Santa’s naughty list, he leads a hilarious quest to the North Pole to make things right and ends up making things much worse. Now it’s up to Manny and his prehistoric posse to band together and save Christmas for the entire world.

Doctor Who (1996) [BluRay] [720p] [YTS.AM]

Doctor Who (1996)
IMDB Rating: 6.4/10
Genre: Adventure / Drama / Sci-Fi
Size: 734.42 MB
Runtime: 1hr 29 min

The Doctor, an alien time traveller from the planet Gallifrey, is transporting the remains of his nemesis, the Master back to their homeworld. However the Master is not as dead as the Doctor thinks. The Master’s essence escapes and sabotages the TARDIS, the Doctor’s time machine causing it to crash land in San Franscisco on December 30th 1999. The Doctor requires a beryllium atomic clock to repair the TARDIS, but is shot as he leaves it. Taken to hospital, the Doctor’s seventh regeneration is triggered by a surgeon, confused by his alien physiology, while the Master takes over a paramedic’s body. He needs a Time Lord’s body to survive and be able to regenerate again so he needs the Doctor’s. The newly regenerated the Doctor must fight to save his own eighth body, and the world when the Master sabotages the TARDIS’ power source. By midnight on December 31st 1999, the Earth will be pulled through this power-source, a mini-black hole, and only the Doctor can stop if only he can remember …

Flipper (1996) [BluRay] [720p] [YTS.AM]

Flipper (1996)
IMDB Rating: 5.2/10
Genre: Adventure / Family
Size: 814.09 MB
Runtime: 1hr 35 min

Sandy Ricks is sent by his mother to Coral Key, a rustic island in the Florida keys, to spend the summer with his uncle Porter Ricks. Sandy dislikes everything about his new environment until a new friend comes into his life, a dolphin named Flipper, that brings uncle and nephew together and leads Sandy on the summer adventure of a lifetime.

The Mighty Peking Man (1977) [BluRay] [720p] [YTS.AM]

The Mighty Peking Man (1977)
IMDB Rating: 5.3/10
Genre: Action / Adventure / Horror / Sci-Fi
Size: 732.37 MB
Runtime: 12hr 0 min

King Kong goes Hong Kong as a giant Himalayan beast tries to save a sexy Russia Tarzanette from a sleazy show-biz promoter. The action, locations set in India, and interracial romance made Variety reach this verdict: “High camp, Chinese style.”

Air Strike (2018) [BluRay] [720p] [YTS.AM]

Air Strike (2018)
IMDB Rating: 3.6/10
Genre: Action / Adventure / Drama / War
Size: 823.75 MB
Runtime: 2hr 0 min

During World War II, five different Chinese people fight their way through Japanese Air Force attacks to protect an important military machine in Chongqing, 1940.

The Adventures of Hajji Baba (1954) [BluRay] [720p] [YTS.AM]

The Adventures of Hajji Baba (1954)
IMDB Rating: 6.0/10
Genre: Action / Adventure / Romance
Size: 782.4 MB
Runtime: 1hr 34 min

In Ispahan, Persia, Hajji Baba is leaving his father’s shop to seek a greater fortune, while the Princess Fawzia is trying to talk her father, the Caliph into giving her in marriage to Nur-El-Din, a rival prince known far and wide as mean and fickle. Her father intends Fawzia for Fawzia to marry a friend and ally, and makes plans to send her to him. But a courier brings word from Nur-El-Din that an escort awaits Fawzia on the outskirts of the city and she escapes the palace disguised as a boy. Hajji encounters the escort-warrior at the rendezvous spot, is attacked and beats up the escort with his barber’s tools. The princess arrives and mistakes Hajji as the escort until he mistakes the emerald ring sent by Nur-El-Din to Fawzia as the prize to be delivered. In her efforts to escape him, her turban becomes unbound and Hajji realizes that the girl herself is the treasure Nur-El-Din awaits. Hajji promises to escort her and they spend the night with the caravan of Osman Aga, who invites …