Where Eagles Dare (1968) [BluRay] [720p] [YTS.AM]

Where Eagles Dare (1968)
IMDB Rating: 7.7/10
Genre: Action / Adventure / War
Size: 1.28 GB
Runtime: 2hr 38 min

During WW2 a British aircraft is shot down and crashes in Nazi held territory. The Germans capture the only survivor, an American General, and take him to the nearest SS headquarters. Unknown to the Germans the General has full knowledge of the D-Day operation. The British decide that the General must not be allowed to divulge any details of the Normandy landing at all cost and order Major John Smith to lead a crack commando team to rescue him. Amongst the team is an American Ranger, Lieutenant Schaffer, who is puzzled by his inclusion in an all British operation. When one of the team dies after the parachute drop, Schaffer suspects that Smith’s mission has a much more secret objective.

Zardoz (1974) [BluRay] [720p] [YTS.AM]

Zardoz (1974)
IMDB Rating: 5.9/10
Genre: Adventure / Fantasy / Sci-Fi
Size: 894.02 MB
Runtime: 1hr 45 min

2293. Zardoz, an unseen “God” who speaks through an idol, a large stone statue of a head, leads a barbaric race called the Brutals, who live a harsh existence in the Outlands. Zardoz tells the Brutals that once they die, they will be transported to the Vortex, where they will live happily as immortals. He has armed a small group, the Exterminators, with guns, as Zardoz’s philosophy is that killing is good, and procreation is the root of all that is bad. In reality, Zardoz is Arthur Frayn, from a competing, more advanced race, called “the Eternals”, who live in paradise in the Vortex. The Eternals truly are immortal as they do not age and their bodies undergo reconstruction if they “die”. As such, they truly do not believe in procreation as their society has reached perfect equilibrium. Past human acts such as sex and sleep are obsolete in their advanced state. All major decisions are achieved through pure democracy. The Eternals, however, are not immune to non life threatening disease…

Ostwind 2 (2015) [BluRay] [720p] [YTS.AM]

Ostwind 2 (2015)
IMDB Rating: 6.5/10
Genre: Adventure / Drama / Family / Romance
Size: 935.68 MB
Runtime: 1hr 43 min

Summer vacation. Mika is overjoyed to see Ostwind again. But then she discovers strange wounds on the belly of Ostwind, for which no one has an explanation. Yet this is Kaltenbach verge of bankruptcy! With a heavy heart Mika decides to participate in a variety tournament in which beckons a high prize money. But during training affects Ostwind distracted, often he runs away easily. Mika pursued the black stallion until deep into the forest and is quite surprised: From the thicket a seemingly magical gray mare appears and the two horses dance around lovingly. Suddenly, a strange boy named Milan appears, who says the mare had escaped him. He claimed that he could Help Mika to win the tournament. But is there still time to save Kaltenbach?

Ostwind (2013) [BluRay] [720p] [YTS.AM]

Ostwind (2013)
IMDB Rating: 6.9/10
Genre: Adventure / Drama / Family
Size: 913.03 MB
Runtime: 1hr 41 min

East wind – Together we are free is the incomparably beautiful history of bad schoolgirl Mika, which not only learns in the summer holidays, that she is a good rider, but the language of the horse speaks. For whatever reason it is the only well that can ride the previously untamed east wind, and thereby learns to love above all else. East wind is for all horse lovers, whether large or small, to highly recommend it. The story captivates until the last second. Great nature shots make the film well worth seeing as many also often dramatic twists. Can one or the other critics despise the story to this friendship as cheesy and boring, I am of the opinion that they were not allowed to experience the magic between humans and animals from their own experience in their lives. East Wind – Together We Are Free.

Knights of Badassdom (2013) [BluRay] [720p] [YTS.AM]

Knights of Badassdom (2013)
IMDB Rating: 5.7/10
Genre: Action / Adventure / Comedy / Fantasy / Horror
Size: 732.57 MB
Runtime: 12hr 0 min

In a valiant but pointless attempt to cheer up their freshly-dumped friend and former Dungeons and Dragons legend, Joe, two enthusiastic Live Action Role Players–Eric, a 27-level Grand Sorcerer in the making, and Hung, a medieval Master Rogue–drag their sad companion to a large-scale LARP campaign in the middle of a forest. However, things will soon spin out of control, as a malevolently cryptic dark incantation from the pages of a seemingly innocent prop book of spells, inadvertently summons a demonic succubus bent on destruction. Now, try to stop a slaughterous extra-dimensional being with several foam sticks and a handful of plastic swords.

Arctic (2018) [BluRay] [720p] [YTS.AM]

Arctic (2018)
IMDB Rating: 7.2/10
Genre: Adventure / Drama
Size: 838.24 MB
Runtime: 1hr 38 min

A man stranded in the Arctic after an airplane crash must decide whether to remain in the relative safety of his makeshift camp or to embark on a deadly trek through the unknown in hopes of making it out alive.

Easy Rider (1969) [BluRay] [720p] [YTS.AM]

Easy Rider (1969)
IMDB Rating: 7.4/10
Genre: Adventure / Drama
Size: 795.17 MB
Runtime: 1hr 35 min

Two young “hippie” bikers, Wyatt and Billy sell some dope in Southern California, stash their money away in their gas-tank and set off for a trip across America, on their own personal odyssey looking for a way to lead their lives. On the journey they encounter bigotry and hatred from small-town communities who despise and fear their non-conformism. However Wyatt and Billy also discover people attempting ‘alternative lifestyles’ who are resisting this narrow-mindedness, there is always a question mark over the future survival of these drop-out groups. The gentle hippie community who thank God for ‘a place to stand’ are living their own unreal dream. The rancher they encounter and his Mexican wife are hard-pushed to make ends meet. Even LSD turns sour when the trip is a bad one. Death comes to seem the only freedom. When they arrive at a diner in a small town, they are insulted by the local rednecks as weirdo degenerates. They are arrested on some minor pretext by the local sheriff and …

Man-Thing (2005) [WEBRip] [720p] [YTS.AM]

Man-Thing (2005)
IMDB Rating: 4.0/10
Genre: Action / Adventure / Horror / Romance / Sci-Fi
Size: 825.67 MB
Runtime: 1hr 45 min

When a greedy oil baron sets his sights on drilling in a Louisiana swamp, a monstrous creature is awakened. The baron and his associates are killed in the swamp thicket, spurring an investigation led by Sheriff Kyle Williams. Although the Seminoles are initially suspected of the murders, the swamp creature, known as Man-Thing, is the killer. A gruesome creature made of plants and vines, Man-Thing possesses strange and dangerous powers.